British Grooms Association gives free membership to group of apprentices

  • The British Grooms Association (BGA) has announced that it will be giving free membership to equine apprentices at Haddon Training, Wiltshire, in an effort to support a group of young grooms.

    “At the BGA we strive to educate employers, grooms and their parents about correct employment practices in the equine environment,” said Lucy Katan of the BGA.

    “We are delighted to team up with Haddon to offer their apprentices support, dedicated advice and a positive first step into our industry.”

    Haddon Training currently has over 300 apprentices in training, all of whom will receive free membership to the BGA.

    “This is a very important and exciting development,” said Haddon’s Chris Hewlett.

    “Membership to the BGA provides the vital link to welfare and legal support for them, together with wider benefits that will help them throughout their careers.”

    As a member of the BGA you receive specialist advice, tack shop and other discounts, a British Grooms magazine and access to a members website area.

    For more information visit www.britishgrooms.org.uk and www.haddontraining.co.uk

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