British Eventing and the EHOA sign agreement

  • After working closely together over the past few years British Eventing (BE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Event Horse Owners Association (EHOA).

    “The memorandum confirms continued cooperation including rider training, hospitality for owners and riders and sponsorship as well as confirming the EHOA’s representation on the BE Sport Committee which is of the greatest importance to owners,” said a spokesman from British Eventing.

    The 2 memberships of the organisations will continue to remain independent.

    “The signing of the memorandum marks further progress in the quest, started in 1998 to ensure that the important role of owners in our sport is both accepted and recognized,” said EHOA chair Cathy Butler.

    “I feel that this latest step enables us to be “at the table” in order to continue influencing the development of the Sport and its amenities,”

    “I would also emphasise that this in no way affects our independence which continues as before and is viewed as essential by both ourselves and BE.”

    Please visit www.britisheventing.com and www.ehoa.org for further information.

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