BEDMAX Shavings to be part of Buckingham Palace’s Coronation Festival next year

  • Buckingham Palace is to hold a one-off Coronation Festival for Royal Warrant holders next year.

    BEDMAX Shavings, that was awarded its Royal Warrant in January 2008, will join over 200 other holders at this unique event. BEDMAX Shavings are a natural bedding that the company claims “solve the problem of dust — now widely recognised as the major cause of respiratory damage in stabled horses”.

    During the four-day celebration, that will be held 11 -14 July 2013, the gardens of the palace will be open for showcase areas in the day and then music and dance performances in the evening. More than 60,000 visitors are expected during the festival that will “celebrate innovation, excellence and industry showcasing the broad range of fine brands with have earned the recognition of a Royal Warrant.”

    Royal Warrants are a “mark of recognition to individuals or companies who have supplied goods or services for at least five years to the Households of The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh or The Prince of Wales.”

    A spokesman said: “Royal Warrants have always been regarded as hallmarks of quality, excellence and service.”

    A spokesman from BEDMAX Shavings added: “As a proud Royal Warrant holder, we are delighted to be part of The Coronation Festival.

    “It will provide us with a great platform to showcase our range of products which include bespoke dust free pine shavings for bedding all types of stabled horses, Littlemax fine horse shavings and HOTMAX heat logs.”

    Tickets are open to the public for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be available to buy from 16 December 2012 — daytime tickets will cost £30 and evening tickets, including the Coronation Gala, will be £90. For more information on the festival head to www.coronationfestival.com — to find out more about BEDMAX head to www.bedmaxshavings.com.

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