Bartl launches new collection after resolving trademark dispute

  • German sheepskin saddle pad and numnah business Bartl has launched a new collection after resolving a trade mark dispute over its brand name.

    The company was concerned as mentioned in H&H online about the number of inferior goods bearing the Bartl trademark being faked by Chinese manufacturers.

    But when the dispute over the trademark was resolved “on a confidential basis” managing director Kai-Uwe Bartl decided to keep the historic Bartl name and not relaunch as Horse Pad Factory.

    “As a result of the exclusivity in the Bartl trade mark, the family now has control over the use of the Bartl brand so that purchasers of any products can be certain that they were produced by the Bartl family or with the permission of the Bartl family,” said the company’s lawyer.

    Bartl has been tanning and designing sheepskin products for the equestrian and home markets for 55 years.

    “We strive to produce the best that we can and are continutally improving our products by listening to our customers,” said Kai-Uwe Bartl.

    “We have had problems with Chinese products purporting to be from us, but recently we were delighted to regain our trademark and family name in the UK and Europe.

    “To celebrate this, along with our 55th anniversary, we decided to make an entirely new collection of beautiful, exclusive items of the best quality, made in Germany, which are unmistakeably Bartl.”

    The new collection can be viewed at www.bartl-sheepskin.com

    The company is now looking for retailers world-wide who would be interested in stocking its new products. For more information email sales@bartl-sheepskin.com

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