Additions to Vetericyn health products for 2013

Vetericyn has announced enhancements to its UK range of non-toxic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial sprays for 2013.

One addition is Vetericyn Hydrogel, which, the company says, “has all the features of the existing Vetericyn Liquid with the advantage of better skin adhesion and a barrier to future contamination”.

It has also introduced Vetericyn Eye Care Drops, which promises a “Ph that will never sting or irritate”.

The entire range of products is now available to retailers and consumers in pre-assembled kits.

Vetericyn has also announced value pricing across the full range for 2013.

Prices start from a suggested RRP of £9.99.

For more information contact uk@vetericyn.com or battles@bhblincoln.co.uk

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