Ytene Hound Club changes its name in memory of a great supporter

  • The Ytene Hound Club has changed its name to the Courtenay Tracy Hounds — a historic name for the pack — in memory of a great supporter.

    The Courtenay Tracy Otterhound Club, based in Hampshire, changed its name to the Ytene Minkhounds when otterhunting was outlawed in 1978 and then the Ytene Hound Club when hunting was banned.

    “We were never very fond of the name, so when our great benefactor died we decided to change the name back in his memory,” said senior master Robert Tucker.

    Mr Tucker did not want to name the great friend of the hunt, as his donations had been made privately.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (18 October 2012)

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