Why marching is not enough

  • The Middle Way Group say that the time has come to address MPs face-to-face in order to persuade them against voting for an outright ban on fox hunting

    Marching on 22 September will notbe sufficient to change MPs minds on the question of hunting, it was stated in a presentation hosted by the Middle Way Group yesterday (10 July).

    Representatives of the Middle Way Group underlined the need for hunt supporters to approach their local MPs during surgery sessions to persuade them against voting for an outright ban.

    The presentation, organised to highlight and discuss some of the consequences a ban on hunting may have on animal welfare, addressed both the possible future of hounds and horses should a ban on hunting with dogs be introduced.

    Co-chair Lembit ™pik MP said: “This whole hunting debate should be about reducing animal suffering. MPs and peers must be fully aware of the likely animal welfare consequences of any Bill they might wish to support.”

    Representatives from dog kennels and the National Equine Welfare Council warned that 60,000 horses and 20,000 hounds would be adversely affected by a ban on hunting.

    “Not the life of one fox will be spared by an outright ban. This animal welfare platform needs to be presented to MPs,'”said joint-chair Baroness Golding.

    Riders gather in capital

    Meanwhile, more than 50 horses were ridden through Parliament Square on Wednesday afternoon (10 July) in a demonstration organised by the Union of Country Sport Workers.

    Re-enacting a demonstration which took place in1949 when farmers rode up Piccadilly, Regent Street and Oxford Street to fight against a similar ban, a member of the original ride delivered a letter to the Prime Minister.

    The UCSW has warned the government: “We will campaign relentlessly and vigorously against the bigotry and prejudice of politicians to save our livelihoods, way of life and in many cases our homes if they go ahead with their threat to ban hunting.”

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