Vintage Tack Room does brisk business

  • The owner of a new business selling vintage and classic riding wear says she is seeing “massive demand” for her products and services.

    Mia Woodford, who set up The Vintage Tack Room earlier this year, says side saddle habits and men’s hunt coats are selling particularly well.

    Mrs Woodford has a showroom in West Sussex, on the Leconfield estate and sells items through her website.

    The Vintage Tack Room incorporates Field and Country Antiques, which she bought from Louise Chatterton-Crane earlier this year.

    “Vintage can often be a euphemism for second-hand rubbish — but mine is most definitely not,” said Mrs Woodford.

    Vintage means the best of its kind. I have just got in a hunting coat, made by Sandon in 1914 for a chap who survived the First World War. It is complete with all his stocks and breeches,” she added.

    “The other day I found a hunting whip with initials on it — I spent ages on Google researching it and eventually found it was the eighth birthday present for the daughter of Lord Ingleby in 1923. Where I can, I will write down the story and send it with the item to the new owner.”

    The Vintage Tack Room also stocks items that Mrs Woodford calls “vintage in the making” — made of such quality that they are likely to be sought after in 50 year’s time. These include Oliver Brown breeches and moleskin stocks and shirts.

    The showroom also hires out vintage kit for clients who would like to try hunting or side saddle.

    Gifts suitable for riders — such as prints and jewellery — are planned for next year.

    Visit www.vintagetackroom.com

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