Tips for a hunting holiday abroad

  • There can be few more exhilarating weekends— in Britain, Europe or further afield — than those that involve hunting a strange horse in a strange country among strangers who, as if by magic, become overnight friends.

    Horse riding holidays of this nature may take some planning and will certainly dent the coffers, but the memories will last a lifetime.

    Make sure your hunting holiday is a success with our tips.

    • Don’t take a pocket knife or anything that might alarm airport security
    • Carry your hunting hat as hand luggage
    • Label your suitcase
    • Make sure your hipflask is empty on travel
    • Put your spurs, gloves etc inside your boots, which should be packed without trees
    • Take plenty of pocket money in case you get stranded
    • Take your mobile charger and store contact names and numbers of where you are going in your mobile phone
    • Check your travel insurance will cover the activities you plan to undertake

    Read the full feature about hunting holidays in H&H magazine (18 October 2012)

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