The fight for hunting begins

  • Countryside Alliance prepares for a “summer of discontent” to protest against the government’s plan to ban hunting

    The Countryside Alliance has stated that it will organise a march on London to protest against the government’s intentions to ban hunting, but has not confirmed when it will take place.

    In an open letter to CA members, chief executive Richard Burge has promised that there will be a “continuous andrelentless pattern of protest” this summer.

    The campaign will begin on 12 April with a series of demonstrations at the regional DEFRA offices, attended by country sports supporters representing interests from hunting to falconry.

    The “summer of discontent”, as the alliance has dubbed the offensive, will culminate in a major London march in the autumn. The activities will be co-ordinated by the Campaign for Hunting, but alliance regional directors will be closely involved with organising protests within their areas.

    Anyone who has access to e-mail can get regular national and regional updates on the alliance’s activities by sending an e-mail to news@countryside-alliance.org

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