So you want to go hunting?

  • You don’t have to be an expert horseman to go hunting. Follow our hunting “how to” guide on how to get started.

  • To find out which packs hunt in your area, contact the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) (tel:01285 831470)

  • Phone the secretary of your chosen hunt to get more details about dates, time, cost, dress etc. The secretary will also introduce you when you arrive.

  • Don’t worry about having to subscribe – many hunts are happy for you to pay on the day, known as the “cap”. This varies, but can be as little as £35. Some hunts even run a voucher scheme – at the Enfield Chace it is £250 for vouchers for nine days’ hunting.

  • Riding schools and riding clubs can often negotiate hunting at discounted rates.

  • Don’t worry if you or your horse doesn’t jump. Nine out of 10 obstacles have a way round and you won’t be the only one looking for it.

  • The first time you go, try to ride a horse you know well or one which has been hunting before. Some people hire out horses for hunting if you don’t have your own – ask the secretary to put you in touch.

  • Try a Newcomers Day. Several hunts run these and they offer an introduction tohunting for as little as £5 for children or £10 for adults. They are often advertised at tack shops and riding schools. There are no restrictions on dress- coloured jodhpurs and waterproof jackets are fine and every effort is made to explain events as they unfold during the day.

  • Many questions from people thinking of hunting are along the lines of “will I see a fox being killed?” This is unlikely, unless the pack with which you hunt has large tracts of open land – even if a fox is killed, it is unlikely that the hunt followers will be near enough to see it.

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