Snapshots from the Liberty & Livelihood March

  • On Sunday 22 September the countryside came to town with more than 400,000 protestors joining forces from all over Britain for the biggest ever recorded march.Horse & Hound was there to capture this historic occasion

    Tallyho! Rural marchers bid an early morning farewell to the countryside as they board trains bound for the capital

    Determined marchers set off towards the start of the Liberty route of the march. It’s 9.30am andsupporters are already queuing from Hyde Park Corner to Lancaster Gate, on the opposite side of the central London park

    Former Wimbledon footballer and movie star Vinnie Jones shows his support by leading the Livelihood branch of the march. Other celebrities who showed their support on the day included Edward Fox, TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright, actor Jeremy Irons and Lucinda Green

    In the biggest mass demonstration that Britain has ever seen, the route takes marchers past Big Ben and down towards Downing Street. More than 2,200 coaches and 31 charter trains brought marchers to the capital from all over Britain

    A young Horse&Hound reader has a strong message for Mr Blair and his government

    People marched from all over the country and from all walks off life to show that the countryside will not be ignored any longer!The demonstration included representatives from all 312 hunts in Britain

    It’s official – turnout for the March was huge. Organisers estimate the number of participants at 400,000, with some 40,000 people going through the Counting Zone in the first hour of the march.

    Tired but ebullient, marchers stream past the exit points in droves. The Liberty & Livelihood March has made history in being the largest gathering of people to protest that Britain has ever seen.

    Click here to visit our special Liberty & Livelihood March microsite.

    Read this week’s Horse & Hound (26 September) for an in-depth seven-page report on the weekend’s march with pictures and expert comment

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