Side-saddle riders out in force at Quorn opening meet

  • Spectators at the Quorn’s opening meet were treated to scenes straight out of the pages of Surtees or Trollope when 28 ladies took to the field – side-saddle.

    Emma Brown, who has been hunting side-saddle with the Quorn for several years, organised the ladies last Friday (21 October).

    “We had riders all the way from Wales to East Anglia and Lincolnshire. They all brought their own horses and had a great time,” she told H&H.

    She added that although hunting side-saddle can be a bit hairy, there were no tumbles.

    “It was absolutely perfect, though I think the rest of the hunt was quite overwhelmed at the number of side-saddle riders – there were only five of us last year.”

    Photographer Nico Morgan captured the ladies in action.

    “It was a fabulous sight and Emma did a great job to bring them all together – it was brilliant,” he said.

    And it seems other hunts are following suit, with the Pytchley looking to attract more side-saddle riders to a meet in November. Emma declared the activity as “blossoming”.

    “As long as you have a lovely horse, there’s nothing better,” said Emma. “Have a drop of port before you set out and make sure you practise at home first!”

    This news story was first published in the current issue of Horse and Hound (3 November, 2011)

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