Record numbers sign up to march

  • The Countryside Alliance has announced that a record number of people have signed up for the Liberty and Livelihood March

    Following the hunting hearing in London, the Countryside Alliance announced that a record 7,764 have registered so far to march for Liberty and Livelihood in the capital on 22 September, while an additional 3,942 registered to March in Spirit.

    Since registration hotlines opened on 6 June, an average of 1,784 people have registered each day.

    March director James Stanford said: “We had always expected a significant build up of support with the end of the holiday season, the start of the new school term and the completion of harvesting.”

    “However the registration of 7,764 marchers in one day has exceeded even our most optimistic expectation.”

    “It demonstrates that more and more people, both from town and country, are ready to march to express their strong desire to ensure the survival of rural Britain. This march will be the largest peacetime demonstration in British history and everyone is eager to play a part on a historic day.”

    March facts and figures update

  • To date 164,201 people have registered to march as of 10 September 2002.
  • 30,000 “Why Town and Country should March together” leaflets are being distributed in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sunderland, and Hartlepool.
  • Approx 3,000 beacons will be lit nationwide on 16 September.
  • Approx 50 rockets will be launched in a relay across Britain on 16 September.

    To register (tel: 0900 102 0900) or visit www.march-info.org”

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