New hunting quiz book launched

  • Consider yourself a countryman or a die-hard hunting stalwart?

    Even the wiliest of old foxes might be stumped by some of the questions in the new quiz book (£9.99) produced by Baily’s Hunting Directory.

    In what’s thought to be the first hunting quiz book since the 1960s, authors Peter and Helen Brook have compiled 1,000 questions ranging from the straightforward to the fiendish.

    Which huntsman developed the “Belvoir tan”? Do you know the dates of the medieval wolfhunting season? And how about the name of America’s premier hound show?

    Baily’s describe the book as “a must for quiz nights, or simply for lingering over the port after a cracking day in the field”.

    It’s one of three new volumes published by Baily’s this summer. Young thrusters will enjoy the Activity Book (£4.99). And the serious student can while away the days when hunting is halted by frost this winter with the weighty Pre-Annual Directory, 1870-1888 (£24.99).

    The books are available to order from www.bailyshuntingdirectory.com

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (18 July 2013)

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