Masses turn out for new masters’ course

  • More than 50 of the 84 new masters enrolled for the upcoming season attended a course run by the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) to help prepare them for the coming season.

    The day, held at Stratford racecourse on 17 May, covered issues from running a hunt country to looking after hounds and hunt horses, and employment law.

    There was expert advice from experienced masters and huntsmen including Nigel Peel (North Cotswold), Ian Farquhar (Duke of Beaufort’s) Tony Holdsworth (Beaufort) and MFHA director Tim Easby (West of Yore).

    Tim Easby said: “It is tremendous that there are so many new people coming forward to take up masterships. Being a master today is incredibly complicated so it is very encouraging that more than 50 came along to the course at Stratford.”

    The Countryside Alliance’s Tim Bonner also spoke to the new masters.

    There was a great mix of people on the course from all over the country,” he said. ‘Some were from traditional hunting backgrounds and others newer to the sport, but all were very keen to learn from the highly experienced masters present.

    “Whatever you have done before in life there is nothing like being a master of hounds. Days like these show how vibrant and popular hunting still is even nine years after the Hunting Act.”

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