Lowther Hound Show returns this summer

  • After a three-year absence, Lowther Hound Show is to return this summer.

    Despite not being one of the five official hound shows, the event was popular for showcasing packs in the north-west. But it has been missing from the calendar.

    The hound show used to be part of the Lowther Horse Driving Trials and Country Fair.

    In August 2008, the show had to cancel its final day due to heavy rain. And it was unable to run in 2009 due to the previous year’s damage. In November 2009, H&H reported the event had folded due to “increasing costs”.

    But now the hound show will take place on 11 August during the 2012 Lowther Country Fair.

    It will take the form of an open show for registered fell and hill hounds.

    Judges will include John Pugsley of the Dulverton West Foxhounds and Johnnie O’Shea, former huntsman of the Cheshire Foxhounds.

    “I like to see the profile of hunting and hound breeding brought to the fore,” Mr Pugsley told H&H.

    “Many people stopped breeding after the hunting ban, but there are still some fantastic hounds in the country and it’s nice to have an opportunity to showcase them.”

    Tim Bonner of the Masters of Foxhounds Association added: “Lowther is an iconic show in a great location and all the hunting associations are pleased to see it back.”

    For more information visit: www.countrymanfairs.co.uk.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (15 March 2012)

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