Hunting’s Boxing Day boost

  • Hunting enjoys terrific support at Boxing Day meets around the country

    Anti-hunt protestors were “outnumbered 1000:1” on Boxing Day, according to the Campaign for Hunting.

    Crowds totalling more than 200,000 supported meets across the UK as more than 250 packs met on this traditional high point of the calendar.

    Some packs could not meet due to ongoing foot-and-mouth restrictions and others chose not to hunt after the meet, hosting open mornings at their kennels or fun rides instead.

    Anti-hunt protests were planned at 20 locations. Only Winslow in Bucks attracted more than 50 protesters, with the total attendance across the meets of just in excess of 200 people.

    Simon Hart, director of the Campaign for Hunting, said: “Opponents of hunting often claim huge support, but when it comes to the crunch they can muster only a handful. This reflects recent opinion polls, which show support for ahunt ban at a 10-year low.”

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