HHO users pledge to keep hunting

  • Horse & Hound Online users are refusing to be cowed by the government’s threat to consign hunting to the history books, with 56% of respondents to last week’s survey stating they were prepared to defy the law and continue hunting if a ban is put in place.

    HHO asked: “If hunting is banned, will you defy the law and continue?”, and received more than 1,500 replies during one week, with the vast majority of individuals who hunt, stating they would defy a ban.

    Just 6% of replies said they were not prepared to break the law, while a further 8% were unsure how far they would be prepared to go. The remainder of respondents registered that they didn’t hunt.

    “This poll, like the Hunting Declaration, has shown that the hunting community will not accept an unjust law on hunting, and that hunting is a touchstone for rural anger,” says Countryside Alliance spokesperson Jill Grieve.

    This HHO poll follows the massively successful Declaration Day meets at the beginning of the month, which saw just short of 43,000 pledge to peacefully disobey the law if the government successfully bans hunting with dogs.

    Poll results

    Q: If hunting is banned, will you defy the law and continue?

    • Yes: 56%
    • No: 6%
    • Not sure: 8%
    • Don’t hunt: 30%

    Total votes: 1516

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