Danish exchange for Holcombe hunt

  • Lancashire‘s Holcombe hunt is to host a group of Danish riders at a meet next season and then travel to Copenhagen so the Danes can repay their hospitality.

    The exchange is the first of several planned by hunting campaigner Midge Todhunter through his website www.themastersvoice.co.uk

    Lulu Birger Christensen, who is organising the exchange from the Danish side, said: “Eight of us will go to England in December to hunt with the Holcombe. Many of the Danes will not have experienced trail hunting before.”

    The Sports Rideklubben meets each Sunday during spring and autumn in an ancient deer park to follow “foxes” — mounted members, carrying fox brushes — across a prepared 12-14km run of jumps and open country. No hounds are involved.

    Holcombe master Susan Simmons said: “We are looking forward to the exchange.”

    Exchanges are under discussion with hunts in Belgium, Italy, Germany and America and Mr Todhunter is keen for more British packs to volunteer to act as hosts.

    For more information, contact Mr Todhunter, tel: 01768 860616.

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (20 August, ’09)

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