Bramham Moor puppy show

  • The Bramham Moor puppy show was held early this year due to senior joint-master Liz Verity’s move to the Exmoor as a joint-master. Steven Clark MFH is also moving, to the Barlow, and huntsman Ian Jones is taking a year out of hunt service. Nigel Dickson, joint-master and huntsman of the York and Ainsty (South) joins the Bramham Moor.

    The young entry was judged by Capt Ronnie Wallace and John Haigh, regional public relations officer of the Countryside Alliance, who was deputising for Roddy Bailey of the Morpeth.

    Progeny of Middleton Woodman dominated the show, with the championship going to the winning doghound, Worker.

    Puppy Show results

    1, Worker, by Middleton Woodman 96 out of Mournful 94, walked by Mr R Dobson;
    2, Woburn, brother of Worker, Mr & Mrs G Brooks;
    3, Warrior, by Middleton Woodman 96 out of Watchful 98, Mr R Gillam.

    bitch hounds
    1, Workbox, sister to Worker, Mr S Meeson;
    2, Womble, sister to Workbox, Mr R Dobson;
    3, Worry, sister to Workbox, Mr R Gillam.


    best couple
    Watchman & Wagstaff (MiddletonWoodman 96-Watchful 98), Mr M Terry.

    best working hound 2000-01
    Alter, Mr & Mrs Hills.

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