Artist hopes sculpture will help to fund repeal of the Hunting Act

  • An artist and former master of hounds in Wales has sacrificed an entire hunting season to make a unique sculpture that she hopes will help to fund repeal of the Hunting Act.

    Miranda Michels, a former joint-master of the Radnor and West Herefordshire, spent last season crafting The Huntsman out of hammered and welded stainless and corten weathering steel.

    “It was a major construction job, made in a draughty sheep shed on a Welsh hill farm,” said the sculptor.

    “My inspiration is ‘the way we were’, but I would like to think it could be ‘the way we are now’.

    “So I’ve decided 10 per cent of the sale will go to the Countryside Alliance to help make what the sculpture depicts a reality.”

    A further 20% will be given to Hackney Holidays, a charity that gives inner-city children a chance to experience the countryside, and the Nginia School in Kenya.

    The Huntsman will be exhibited at Cheriton Gardens in Hampshire from 18-26 June.

    • For more information about the piece and sale enquiries, visit www.mirandamichels.com

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (22 April, ’10)

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