Appeals made for safe return of stolen beagle puppy

  • Thieves have stolen a puppy – belonging to the Sandhurst and Aldershot Beagles – which was being walked by a local family.

    Laura-Jane Bowdler, who lives near Mattingley, Hants, said their barn was broken into during the early hours of Monday.

    The thieves stole the eight-month-old tricolour puppy, Marble, who was kept in the barn, plus a large quantity of tack.

    “At the end of the day, the tack can be replaced,” said Mrs Bowdler.

    “But the children are devastated about Marble. They are beside themselves – they can’t understand how anyone could take her.”

    Mrs Bowdler told H&H that the burglers had cut off a padlock to get into the barn.

    “The children had a day off school, so we went up early in the morning to get her.

    “The little side door was open. We never use it so I knew instantly we had been broken into – and she was gone.”

    Marble’s ear is tattooed with the initials R.M.A. Mrs Bowdler said she had contacted dog wardens in her area and in neighbouring counties, as well as the national website, DogLost.

    “We’d do anything to get her back,” she said.

    “I’ve put posters up saying a reward will be paid for her safe return.”

    Mark Jackson, joint-master of the Sandhurst and Aldershot Beagles, urged whoever took Marble to give her back, unharmed.

    “She wouldn’t make a very good pet,” he said.

    “She’s been bred to hunt and it is not in her nature to make a domestic pet.”

    Mr Jackson said Mrs Bowdler’s three children – who are aged 10, eight and six – had become very attached to Marble.

    “Simon, the eldest, has been whipping in for a season and they were really looking forward to her returning to kennels and watching her mature as a hound,” he said.

    “Please, please give her back – more for the sake of the children than the hunt.”

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