Get ready for winter: 11 survival tips

  • When we asked H&H readers to come up with their top winter survival tips we were bombarded with great ideas — from layering gloves to putting padlocks in plastic bags. Read on and find some useful advice to help your winter go like a breeze.

    1. Put thin rugs under thick rugs, they’re a lot easier to get clean OR

    2. Try putting thin rugs over thick rugs, instead of the traditional underneath method. They’re easier to wash and if they get torn they’re a lot cheaper to replace.

    3. Wear two pairs of gloves, leave another at the yard and another in your car.

    4. Plastic sledges are great for moving things when there’s snow or ice. Just put the item on top and tow it along. Saves fighting with wheelbarrows!

    5. Carry lock de-icer and WD40 with you at all times using it to thaw out padlocks — then there will be no need to use bolt cutters.

    6. Cover your padlocks with a plastic bag as it helps to stop them from freezing solid.

    7. Buy 14 haynets and fill them up on a Sunday ready for the whole week.

    8. Pin-up a picture of you and your horse in the summer to remind yourself of what he looks like at that time of year (it’ll remind you why you are putting yourself through the cold evenings).

    9. Invest in a plug in flask for your car — you just plug it into your lighter socket and you’ll have a warm drink in no time.

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    10. A brick in an old carrot bag is a great way of smashing through deep ice in water troughs. And use a plastic colander to fish the broken ice out of the trough to slow down the refreezing process without getting very cold wet hands.

    11. When rugging up it is better to use lots of thin rugs rather than just one thick rug. That way you can add/take off a layer depending on the temperature.

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