How riders can beat the chill

  • To give yourself a better chance of warding off illness, invest in a course of multi-vitamins. Vitamin C, zinc and iron all boost the immune system. Garlic (available in capsules) can be a great cold beater.

    Keeping feet warm is a perennial problem. Looking for best boots on the market each winter may help, but most people agree several pairs of socks is the answer. Others swear by the foil footwarmers you can buy in your local chemist.

    Fog, ice and snow slow you down and there will be raised eyebrows at work as you rush in late having mended some fencing, or broken through thick ice.

    Warm as toast

  • It’s thermals all the way in winter. They trap warm air and keep out the cold.
  • Wear thick wool tights underjodhpurs; polo necked jumpers; and full chaps.
  • Buy a quality waterproof lined jacket.
  • On the yard, a wool hat like skiers wear is a must.

    If you keep your horse at a livery yard, this is the time of year when friendships with other owners really count. Get together now and work out if you can help each other.

    Compare time-tables and you’ll find some owners have more time earlier in the day while others finish work earlier and some who work part time, are around during the day.

    If you work in an office the contrasting conditions as you leap from a chilly yard to an overheated office, can make you vulnerable to colds and flu.

    Make sure you’re not skipping meals to fit all your chores in – this is false economy because you will fell colder and become more vulnerable to bugs.

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