Ask H&H: insurance for clipping

  • Q: AS I am the only one on my livery yard with clippers, I often get asked to clip other livery horses. What happens if I damage my clippers or there is an accident involving someone else’s horse?

    THIS is a common situation on livery yards but what are the consequences if there is an accident? H&H asked Jeremy Lawton from Shearwater Insurance how to best protect yourself in this situation.

    “You can insure your clippers individually, but the cost of the premium may be close to their value,” says Jeremy.

    “In this case it may well be more appropriate to include them in your tack and equipment policy.

    “When you’re clipping other people’s horses — especially for financial reward — you should always ensure you have public liability cover,” he continues.

    “This way, if there is an accident, you’re covered for negligence should a person, property or horse be injured. Without this policy you would be personally liable for any incident that took place while the horse was in your care.

    “You should also make sure that ‘care, custody and control’ is included alongside your public liability cover, as this will protect you when you are in control of someone else’s property,” Jeremy adds.

    “If you are clipping a number of horses, it may also be worth taking out a personal accident policy to protect yourself in the event of an accident.”

    Solicitor Stuart Farr of Laytons adds: “If you injure someone else’s horse it might result in a complaint or, in worst case scenario, a formal claim under common law based on physical damage to property.

    “You could invite the horse owner in question to sign a formal disclaimer but this is hardly likely to endear you to your friends on the yard in the future.”


    Shearwater Insurance Tel: 08700 767666 www.shearwater-insurance.co.uk
    Laytons Solicitors Tel: 0161 834 2100 www.laytons.com

    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (18 October, ’07)

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