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    Q: I am looking for a work placement from school as I am interested in eventually working with horses. However, my placement co-ordinator isn’t at all horsey and is encouraging me to seek an office post. Do you have any advice?
    LH, London

    You could simply contact local equestrian businesses and talk to them about the possibility of carrying out your work placement with them.

    Once agreed, they will liaise with your school to make sure the paperwork is filled out correctly.

    According to the government’s online advice hub, you could also talk to your local Connexions office about careers advice.

    Additionally, get in touch with Equine Careers. The programme has recently launched a student placement service and specialises in office and professional equestrian vacancies. Equine Careers recently won a prestigious innovation award from BETA International.

    According to Emma Dyer, of Equine Careers, the placement service is aimed at matching up students looking for a placement with a suitable company in order to benefit both parties.

    “Students can often be at a loss when searching to find work placements, where to go or who to contact, while many businesses can provide the ideal situation for someone to gain valuable experience,” she explained.

    “The work placement initiative will match suitable students with the right company.

    “In order for students to register and therefore be able to use the service, they will pay an annual registration fee of £10. Businesses wanting to be a part of the facility will also pay an annual registration fee.”


    Government advice hub www.direct.gov.uk

    Connexions careers advice www.connexions-direct.com

    Equine Careers, tel: 07818 455309 www.equine-careers.com

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (22 April, ’10)

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