New feeding system launched by Eezhay

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  • A new feeding system designed to save time and reduce waste has been launched by Eezhay.

    “As advocates of simple and natural feeding methods, we have launched a new system, which incorporates the benefits of our existing hay feeder with some innovative additions,” said a spokesman for the company.

    The Eezhay Premier now incorporates a unique detachable feeding manger within the hay feeder.

    The “Eezhay Premier Combo” is made from tough, 1.5mm powder coated mild steel. It allows horses to feed in their natural position, which encourages healthy digestion, respiration and aids the natural wear of teeth.

    The removable feed manger is made from mild steel and offers horse owners a “space saving, mess-free” feeding method.

    “The sleek design takes up little space and prevents mess and wasted forage. With safety a high priority, the innovative shape has been created with no sharp edges,” added the spokesman.

    It can hold up to a whole bale of hay in one go, aiming to save time on hay net filling and the company says that wastage can be reduced by up to 25 per cent — as horses no longer drop hay from a haynet or traipse it through their bedding.

    The Eezhay Premier Combo is available in pony size and full size in a range of colours. Prices start at £64.99.

    For more information visit: www.eezhay.net

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