A guide to storing feed

  • Every bag of feed should have a “best before” date which is an assurance that the nutrients listed on the bag will be present in the feed until this time.

    When buying feed, check that you will have used the feed before the date runs out, otherwisethe quality of the feed may deteriorate.

    If feed is not stored correctly the nutrient levels may decline before the best before date. The following guidelines should help you to keep your feed in top condition:

    • Feed should be storedin a cool, dry environment as heat and humidity can affect the structure of feed and may result in the quality of the product deteriorating. Hot weather can particularly affect feeds with a high oil content.
    • Do not put new feed on top of old. Theolder feed may break up becoming dusty and even mouldy which will affect the new feed placed on top of it.
    • Feed should be stored in a container with a well fitting lid. This keeps the feed dry and helps to prevent rodents from getting to the feed.
    • Do not store feed directly on the floor. Try to use pallets if you have insufficient bins to store all the feed in. This again helps to keep the feed dry and away from rodents. a.. The feed room should be kept clean and tidy. Spilled food provideseasy pickings for rodents.
    • Ensure feed storage containers are cleaned regularly and allowed to dry before refilling. This should ensure old feed does not accumulate in the bottom and become dusty and mouldy.
    • If you tip feed out of the bags into bins, do not dispose of the bags until the feed has all been consumed. The bag contains important information for the manufacturer should any problems with the feed arise.
    • Label different bins of feed clearly so that the right feeds are givento the right horses. a.. Try to delegate one person to be responsible for monitoring and ordering feed. This should ensure old feed is used up and that different feeds are not mixed together.

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