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    Careful consideration is needed when choosing the right saddle for you and your horse

    Before deciding on a new saddle, talk to a saddle fitter. They can advise you on yourneeds and you may be able to sit on a few in the shop.

    Most saddles are made in Walsall, England and the choice and quality available is enormous. Retail shops usually have several different makes for you to look at.

    Talking in the shop will help the saddle fitter assess what size and type of saddle you need and your price range.

    You must be able to describe your horse accurately, as the type or breed can influence the style of saddle that is suitable. Try not to go to the shop with a particular brand in mind as that may not be suitable for your horse.

    There are several things that need careful consideration:

    • The condition of your horse – Is it overweight?
    • Has it been in regular work?
    • What sort of work has the horse been doing?
    • Is the horse going to have a change of lifestyle?
    • What age is the animal? – this is important as it may still have some growing up to do and its shape can alter.
    • What style of saddle will suit your needs?
    • Your height and weight also play a part in the choice of saddle design.

    Once you have an idea of the type of saddle you want make sure you have suitable facilities to try out the selection the saddler will bring with them. If you need the help of your instructor then arrange this for the same time.

    Your instructor should be able to help you choose which saddle is most suitable but you remember that the fitter is the one who will tell you which is the best fit.

    Looking for saddles for sale?

    Need to find a tackshop or saddlery near you?

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