Pose your questions to Badminton winner Sam Griffiths

  • Would you like to pose a question to a Badminton winner? Now is your chance!

    Australian team member and 2014 Badminton victor Sam Griffiths is guest editing our eventing special (out 3 March) and we are offering readers a chance to send in their questions. We will pick our favourites, ask Sam to answer them, and publish the answers online.

    Do you want some advice on riding, training or horsecare? To find out how to deal with competition nerves? Or perhaps you want to know what event horse from the past or present Sam would most like to ride?

    Send your questions to pippa.roome@timeinc.com by Friday (19 February).

    For inspiration, here are some of the questions readers asked last year’s guest editor, Oliver Townend, and his answers…

    If you were to advise a young event rider wishing to progress up the ranks, what would your top tips be?

    Oliver says: “I would advise riders to spend as much time as possible in every type of yard — so to work in a dealing yard, a racing yard, a jumping yard, rather than just event yards. And don’t set up on your own too early — make sure you have a good apprenticeship.”

    What was the turning point of your career?

    Oliver says: “For me, it was setting up on my own. I was only 21, but I had served a long apprenticeship as I had effectively been professional since I was 14 and it got the stage where I wanted to work in my own way and I was never going to work for anybody else again. I set up in a rented yard initially and then bought my current base, Gadlas Farm, when I was 25.”

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    What are the top conformational attributes you look for in an eventer, and how do you know if you have a potential winner in the making?

    Oliver says: “Conformation-wise they need a good front leg — a big shoulder, a good angle to the limb and not to be back at the knee. And to have everything in proportion. They also need to be clean-limbed and straight movers. I have lots of different types on my yard though — there is no particular sort I go for.

    “I generally know I have a potential winner because I want to ride the horse every day. You know the good ones because they give you a feel that makes you want to get on them.”

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