8 top riders reveal their essential kit lists

  • Everyone knows that sinking feeling. You’re pulling onto the motorway on the way to a competition, at least half an hour from the yard, when a sense of dread spreads over you, and you realise you’ve left something at home.

    We’re not talking horse, hat or saddle. It is always something seemingly minor — but something that can make or break your day from the outset.

    A lucky tie pin, packet of Jelly Babies or particular neck strap can set you up for success…. or leave you in the coldest of sweats if you forget it.

    We asked 8 top riders what 3 things they won’t leave home without…

    1. Piggy French, eventing
    My mobile
    Some burger money
    Spare pants!

    2. Vicky Archer, showing
    Medical kit
    A spares bag — which everyone else seems to raid
    … and the horse

    3. Katie Jerram, showing
    My favourite show cane
    I love my Weatherall jackets and Parlanti riding boots
    My dog

    4. Carl Hester, dressage
    My lucky shirt
    … and tie pin

    5. Nick Skelton, showjumping
    A horse
    Its tack
    My painkillers!

    6. William Fox-Pitt, eventing
    A neckstrap
    My dogs
    A packet of Jelly Babies

    7. Amy Stovold, dressage
    My mobile phone — although it’s normally glued to my ear
    A Curly Wurly — my chocolate fix for the day
    Sugar cubes — after all, the horses need sweetening up too!

    8. Kitty King, eventing
    All the essentials — the horse, my groom Lewis, the tack and my husband Ben, if I can persuade him to come
    My 2 dogs
    My iPhone — so that I can call any owners on the way home if they haven’t made it to the event

    What is on your essential competition kit list? Let us know below…

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