15 ponies that are so small you might mistake them for dogs

  • When you have to crouch down to pat a pony, they like to roll over for a tummy tickle or need a hole cutting in the bottom of the stable door, you'd be forgiven for thinking you have a dog on your hands. To celebrate this week's 'mini marvels' special of Horse & Hound magazine (1 June 2017), we meet some of Britain's tiniest ponies and miniature horses

    1. Tulisa, 32″

    Shirley Clift
    My little three-year-old 32″ Falabella-cross Tulisa is often mistaken as a dog, due to her love of belly rubs and walks with all my other dogs. Tulisa is a very cheeky little girl, has a big character and everybody adores her. She is also known as the greyhound on the yard due to the speed she runs around her paddock. Shirley Clift

    2. Zebedee

    This is my little miniature Shetland  Zebedee who has had a hole made in his stable door so he can see what everyone else is up to. Sue Sleightholm

    3. Stepley Pride

    Victoria Bray
    This is our miniature Shetland pony Stepley Pride (Priddles) and also affectionately known as The Big Dog. Priddles has more of a dog/human personality and is very clever and can escape from pretty much anywhere. She is pictured here with my daughter Lacey. Vikki Bray

    4. Hermits Dainty Damsel, 26″

    Sarah Beattie
    This is Hermits Dainty Damsel. She comes on hacks with us and is definitely the boss. She also likes coming into the house! Sarah Beattie

    5. Broomells Sun Up, 34″

    Ronnie Jones
    This is my 34″ miniature British spotted pony stallion, Broomells Sun Up (Tigger). I show him in hand and he has won many accolades including titles at Horse of the Year Show, the Royal Internatonal Horse Show and the British Spotted Pony Society to name but a few. I have harlequin Great Danes and when they are out together they tend to get a lot of double takes. Ronnie Jones

    6. Fudge

    N Jones
    This is our miniature Shetland Fudge. He joined the family as a companion for my thoroughbred-cross mare Annie as she suffered from separation anxiety when I rode my other horse and left her at home. Fudge is a real character who likes to come into the kitchen if the door is left open and enjoys walkies with the dogs on summer evenings. Nia Jones

    7. Rio, 36″

    Lucinda Morgan
    This is Rio who is about 36″ but 17hh of attitude! He’s a lovely character but definitely the boss. Lucinda Morgan

    8. Cartier, 28″

    Katy Smith
    This is Cartier who is an American Miniature Horse meeting children while doing pony therapy. His temperament is very calm and well behaved. He sometimes goes into care homes to visit residents and even goes in lifts to see people in their rooms.  Katy Smith

    9. Pebbles, 89cms

    Gayle King
    Pebbles has the most perfect temperament and genuinely hasn’t put one hoof wrong in the three-and-a-bit years we have had her. We do a lot of fancy dress as she will not bat an eye at anything! She had a three foot sail on her last time when we dressed her as a pirate ship. She is a pony in a million and has looked after our children so well. Whenever we go out it’s always met with ooos and ahhhs — Pebbles is the wonder pony! Gayle King

    10. Slaneyrose Kiss of Fire (Finn), 19″ as a foal

    This foal was the size of a Spaniel in this photo at a few weeks old. His temperament is extremely friendly — in fact he wants to be with people more than other horses and it’s impossible to keep him out of the house when he grazes in the garden. I leave the back door open for the dogs in the summer and woke one night with him staring at me in bed! Kim Jackman

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    11. Bambi and Crunchie

    Debbie Church
    I have a dog that’s always mistaken for a pony — if I had a quid for every time people threaten to put a saddle on him I would be rich by now. Here is Bambi, Crusoe and Crunchie. The miniature Shetlands belong to Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre and are retired now. Crusoe the Leonberger is chief carrot, apple and water tester at Tumpy and owned by myself. Debbie Church

    12. Oscar

    This is my son Oscar’s tiny pony Nugget. I’m not sure how tiny Nugget is but you can see from the picture — at Oscar and Nugget’s first meet — that she’s not much taller than the hounds! Charlotte Adams

    13. Poppy, 33″

    Adel Bowes
    This is Poppy, my rescue mini Shetland. She’s 33″ and has turned her hooves to everything. She’s cheeky with a bit of feistiness in her but has never bitten or kicked anyone. She’s a true pony for life. Adel Bowes

    14. Silver

    Andy Coggan
    Silver is the same size as a greyhound but thinks she’s a Rottweiler. It’s her way or not at all! She’s extremely cheeky and thinks nothing of mugging you. She likes to roll on feed buckets and climbs on top of a bale of straw like a goat. Melissa matthews

    15. Twizzlelina, 5hh

    Rachel Purkis
    This is Twizzlelina. She is 5hh. She used to be used as a comfort blanket for my thoroughbred mare Luna when she was younger and they shared a stable. Now she makes guest appearances at nursery groups and various other charity and horse related events. She is very willful and definitely has small person syndrome — she won’t be told that she can’t do something. Rachel Purkis

    Don’t miss this week’s special ‘mini marvels’ issue of Horse & Hound magazine (1 June 2017), where we celebrate the little eventers making their mark on the circuit, and find out how to keep tiny ponies fit when you’re too big to ride them

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