Were you out with the Isle of Wight or Cheshire packs? [PICTURES]

  • Were you out recently with either the Isle of Wight or Cheshire packs when the H&H hunting correspondents paid a visit? If so, why not take a look at the gallery below to see if you were spotted by our photographers.

    Isle of Wight

    What makes this pack unique is that unlike any other British hunting country, it has no boundaries and unless they go for a swim, hounds are unlikely to enter any other hunt’s country.

    With their kennels at Gatcombe, near Newport, the hunt dates back to 1845, although before that, the island was hunted by the Crockford Harriers.

    The country is varied with pasture and plough in the north and the south, whereas the eastern side contains large woodlands, and in the centre of the island are the downs.

    Photos by Paul Quagliana

    Isle of Wight 2
    Lilly Bartlett and Tory tackle a fence in style

    I.O.W. Hunt Dec 2014
    Sian Dyer with seven-year-old Jess Isaacson

    I.O.W. Hunt Dec 2014
    Tatty Liddle and Helsie

    I.O.W. Hunt Dec 2014
    All shapes and sizes of horses turn out for the meet

    I.O.W. Hunt Dec 2014
    Morning sun at the meet

    Isle of Wight1
    Debbie Formbridge is in good spirits

    I.O.W. Hunt Dec 2014
    Joint-masters Karen Begley and Alex Clarke

    I.O.W. Hunt Dec 2014
    It’s a fine day to be out

    The Cheshire

    Founded in 1763, the hunt country is predominantly grassland, fenced by hedges and ditches due to the large number of dairy farms. Members of the Cheshire field can enjoy jumping across good-sized hedges although there are ways around for those preferring an easier route.

    Photos by Trevor Meeks

    Cheshire Hunt 06.12.04
    Elaine Williams crosses the country with ease

    Cheshire Hunt 06.12.04
    Charlotte Brunt is on flying form

    Cheshire Hunt 06.12.04
    Angie Levinson tackles a hedge in fine style

    Cheshire Hunt 06.12.04
    Showing supremo Robert Walker is a former joint-master

    Cheshire Hunt 06.12.04
    Farmer Tom Sherwin has only recently taken up hunting

    Cheshire Hunt 06.12.04
    Farrier Bob Stubbs in action

    Cheshire Hunt 06.12.04
    The greys: Di Wooley, Caroline Topping and joint-master Laura Cardwell are smartly turned out

    Daughter of the meet hosts Claire Robinson and her partner Stuart Hassall

    Cheshire Hunt 06.12.04
    Farriers Roger Gaden and Charlie Walker

    Don’t miss our full reports from both packs in the 15 January issue of Horse & Hound magazine

    To see the full range of pictures taken by our photographer, visit www.horseandhound.co.uk/galleries

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