Which hunt country suits your horse?

  • There are some who say that a good hunter is a good hunter, regardless of its size, shape or breeding. But there are others who find a type that suits them — and their country — and refuse to hunt anything else.

    Some preferences are inherited, others are honed over time and, for everyone who loves a certain type, there are a hundred others who won’t go near them.

    Find out which hunt country suits your horse:

    Thoroughbreds: galloping country with lots of hills, anywhere with lots of plough — Dartmoor, West Percy, Blankney

    Native ponies: places that are trappy, wild and woolly, such as the Staintondale

    Cobs: any of the Welsh packs

    Showjumpers and eventers: big jumping countries — Cheshire, Wynnstay, Blackmore and Sparkford Vale

    What gives your horse the edge out hunting?

    Thoroughbreds: the Duracell bunny of the hunting world, with the speed and stamina to stay at the front all day

    Native ponies: cleverer than a cartload of monkeys when it comes to crossing rough and ready terrain. Don’t need a lot of pampering when they get home

    Polo ponies: keen to please, handy to get on and off and unfazed by being in a crowd

    Cobs: the quad bike of the hunting field, loved by traditionalists; smart, low-maintenance and endlessly biddable

    Eventers: trained to jump the most taxing obstacles with skill and speed

    Ex-showjumpers: talented and accurate, with experience of being around other horses

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    Read the full article about different types of hunters in this week’s issue of Horse & Hound magazine (22 May 2014)

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