Figures to make your eyes water: how much is your horse’s wardrobe worth?

  • As you lovingly put on your horse’s spanking new fly rug (the old one just wasn’t cutting it), take a glance down at your own holey jodhpurs/leggings/PJ bottoms and ancient Primark T-shirt. Have you ever considered that possibly, just possibly, you spend more on your horse’s wardrobe than your own? A lot more.

    Well, it makes sense (to an equestrian, if not to a normal human being). Your horse never has a fat day when he seems to have bloated overnight and just can’t get his boots done up (and if he does, he really doesn’t care!) He looks better in baby pink/hunter green/zebra stripes than you do. You can satisfy your urge to buy fluffy items of clothing without actually having to wear them yourself.

    Now, let’s add it up.

    Here are the bare essentials your horse almost definitely owns, with approximate pricing. We’re assuming you have just one of each, unless otherwise indicated – even though we know that’s a big fat lie, particularly about the rugs. Oh yes. We know all about the rugs.

    Rugs                                                                                       Price (approx)

    Lightweight/medium/heavyweight stable rug                       £30-£150 each
    Lightweight/medium/heavyweight turnout rug                     £30-£150 each
    Fly rug                                                                                   £30-£100
    Exercise sheet                                                                        £20-£60
    High vis exercise sheet                                                          £20-£60
    Cooler rug                                                                              £20-£50
    Summer sheet                                                                        £20-£50


    Brushing boots                                                                       £20-£50
    Tendon boots                                                                          £20-£50
    Competition boots (set of four)                                              £50-£100
    Travel boots                                                                            £15-£70
    High vis boots                                                                         £20-£60
    Funky coloured boots to coordinate with your XC colours   £20-£50


    White dressage saddlecloth                                                    £20-£50
    XC saddlecloth in your colours                                              £20-100
    Ordinary numnah for every day use                                       £15-£30
    That numnah you bought because it was in the sale for a fiver £5
    Three more numnahs                                                              £15


    Fly mask                                                                                  £10-£30
    Headcollar                                                                               £10-£50
    Leg bandages                                                                          £15-£30
    Tail bandages                                                                          £10-£30
    Fly veil                                                                                    £5-£20

    Total:                                                                                       £560 – £1,960

    So, there you go. Your horse’s ensemble of must-have clothing items has cost you somewhere between £500 and £2,000. And let’s face it, if you’re honest with yourself, you can probably double that. Like we said, we know all about the rugs….

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