Horses with unusual companions [PICTURES]

  • We all know what fantastic companions horses make, but it seems we’re not the only ones who share a special bond with equines.

    When we asked Horse & Hound readers if their horses had any unusual companions, we were inundated with fabulous pictures of the most unlikely friendships.

    From goats, alpacas and sheep, to rabbits, hens and cows, we hope you enjoy our selection of horses and ponies with their unusual animal friends.

    Horses with unusual companions

    Snowy moment: Sukulaku the dog is best friends with horse Drumguido despite their difference in size


    Best buds: This horse shows his fondness for his faithful canine companion

    Mimo and Patricia sitting on him

    Feathered friend: Patricia the hen makes the most of the view on Mimo the pony


    These horses seem to enjoy sharing their field with two goats


    Walkies: This golden retriever helps out at the yard by leading his horsey friend

    My lovely Fin

    Fin the dog and Harvey the foal pose for a picture

    McKenzie Ragan February 28 · · My horse puts up with the whole group!

    Nap time: McKenzie Ragan’s horse spends time in the stable with the whole clan


    Three’s a crowd: Fred the horse enjoys a graze with three tabby cats

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    Piebald Paddy and his ovine companion have a bite to eat

    Solomon with baby Rosie last year smile emoticon She's quite a lot bigger now but all the horses and sheep get along really well

    Solomon the horse and Rosie the goat pose for the camera

    Dooly, Annie and Toffee the rabbit

    Dooly and Annie with Toffee the rabbit


    A cat hitches a ride and doesn’t want to get his feet wet


    Nuzzle: This horse loves his furry companion

    Presley & Peter

    Presley and Peter spend some time together

    Angel and Ron

    Angel and Ron


    Arthur shares his dinner with a goat

    Ronnie-horse, Curly- pale suri alpaca, Bertie- brown huacaya alpaca, Lady- Harris hawk

    A mixed bunch: Ronnie the horse, Curly and Bertie the alpacas and Lady the hawk

    Jay Jay and bernice

    Jay Jay and Bernice touch noses

    Magic and golden retriever Dexter have an ongoing love affair

    Magic and golden retriever Dexter have an ongoing love affair

    Pippa Latimer-Harris

    Pippa Latimer-Harris’ horse is joined by a cockerel at his door


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