Walk the 2015 Amlin Plus eventers’ challenge course at Hickstead*PICTURES*

  • Twenty riders lined up for the Amlin Plus eventers’ challenge at the Longines Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead earlier today (30 July).

    The class, reinvented from the original eventing grand prix by Hickstead directors Lizzie and Edward Bunn, saw event riders tackle a 19-fence course of both solid and knock down cross-country style fences, including some of the Hickstead arena’s best famous natural obstacles including the devil’s dyke, derby bank and Irish bank.

    Andrew Nicholson and Cillnabradden Evo proved unbeatable over the technical track against the clock to take the title.

    Hickstead’s eventers’ challenge course pictures

    1.  Amlin Plus box

    1 AMLIN
    2. Gate: a very upright fence, coming off a turn away from the collecting ring

    2 AMLIN
    3. Log pile

    3 AMLIN
    4. Open ditch: this has a dry ditch underneath it

    4 AMLIN
    5. Brook: this fence has a water tray underneath it. Riders will need to ride around the back of the Derby Bank to get to the fence, off a fairly tight turn

    5 AMLIN
    6. Corner

    6 AMLIN
    7. Corner: this corner is a 270 degree turn back for riders after the corner at fence six

    7 AMLIN
    8ab. Derby Bank: Riders go up a fairly gentle slope to the top of the bank. They then have to ride down a very steep side of the bank. There is a black flag alternative if riders fancy a slightly less steep decline! This will waste some precious seconds though

    8A AMLIN

    8B AMLIN

    9. Oxer: located just a few strides away from the base of the bank.

    9 AMLIN
    10. BHS Trakehner

    10 AMLIN
    11abc. Horse & Hound Irish Bank: This fence features a skinny brush followed by two strides to the bank then approximately another two strides on the landing side of the bank to another narrow triple brush

    11A AMLIN

    11D AMLIN

    12. Longines Flight Butt: A very tall bullfinch!

    12 AMLIN
    13ab. Devils Dyke: Ridden in the oppostie direction to the Derby course, the second and third parts of the Dyke are jumped

    13A AMLIN
    14ab. Road jump: Jumped two strides on the angle

    14A AMLIN

    14B AMLIN

    15. Log and Lake: A narrow log and then splash through the water

    15 AMLIN

    15B AMLIN

    16. Corner: the same corner jumped at fence seven

    17 AMLIN
    17. Road Jump: Three strides ridden over the top of the road crossing

    18 AMLIN
    18. Amlin Plus Privet Oxer

    19 AMLIN

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