Happy 60th birthday Richard Davison! H&H celebrates his big day in pictures

  • To celebrate four-time Olympian Richard Davison’s 60th birthday today (20 September), we’ve dug deep into the archives to take a look back at some of his career highlights in pictures — from the early days at Pony Club to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

    1965: South Staffs branch of the Pony Club camp

    r davison229
    The early days: Sailor was bought for Richard when he was nine-years-old and taught him some important lessons in producing and selling. “When I outgrew Sailor my parents told me there was no extra money to buy another one — whatever we got from Sailor would be the only money for my next pony,” remembers Richard. “So I got busy schooling him and thinking about the best way to market him. I made up an advert and eventually — having made a small profit — I shook hands on a deal.”

    1993: Goodwood

    Goodwood 1993
    Richard at Goodwood with Master JCB, the horse bought for him by Sir and Lady Bamford, who he went on to win his first European medal with in the same year at Lipica.

    1996: Val d’Isere

    Richard donned his breeches and tailcoat and hit the slopes to raise money in the run up to the Atlanta Olympics, in the days before any meaningful Lottery funding was available to equestrian teams.

    1998: World Equestrian Games, Rome

    WEG 1998 Patrioni
    Richard and Hiscox Askari at the World Equestrian Games in Rome, where the British team finished in eighth position.

    2005: Hickstead Dressage

    Hickstead Dressage 2005
    Richard and the Hanoverian gelding Hiscox Karachi at Hickstead.

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     2008: Olympia

    Olympia Wed.17.12.08
    Richard and the 16.2hh bay gelding Hiscox Artemis at Olympia.

    2010: National Dressage Championships

    Richard and Hiscox Artemis in the grand prix freestyle championship at the National Dressage Championships at Stoneleigh in 2010.

    2011: Olympia

    Olympia Wednesday 14 12 2011 richard davison hiscox artemis
    Richard and Hiscox Artemis at Olympia.

    2012: Olympic Games, London

    Richard Davison, Artemis
    Richard flies the flag for Britain as an individual at the London Olympics with Hiscox Artemis.

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