11 times horses have shown they believe #ItsComingHome

Apparently there’s some sort of football tournament going on at the moment. Something called the World Cup that England aren’t doing too shabby in. These horses and ponies seem to know something about it — could it be coming home? These guys certainly think so...

Victoria Cox’s ex-racehorse, Chunky, who is 13-years-old, shows his support from his North Yorkshire home

Ash Boyce’s three little greys, rock the flag of St. George


Teigan McNamara and her grey pony, can’t get enough of the red, white and blue

Lucy Wallace’s 10-year-old Coletta, who is usually found showjumping or eventing, has really got into the spirit of things

Meanwhile, Wendy Chilton’s four-legged friends show that they don’t want to miss a moment of the action in Russia

Jessica Sedgwick and team show their support of Harry Kane’s squad

Ruth Taylor’s two-year-old Highland pony, Morag, is waving the flag for England

Meanwhile, the Westbury white horse got a dressing up yesterday (10 July)

Darren Anderson

England flag on the Westbury White Horse. It’s Coming Home!!! Andrea Anderson

Artist Darren Birdie shows his support

And finally, the wonderful Household Cavalry have something to say…

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