9 things all horse owners are thinking in the February heatwave

  • As temperatures have risen over the past few days, riders around the country have been left scratching their heads as they gaze at sweaty horses and dig out their T-shirts.

    Here are nine thoughts we’ve all had in this February heatwave…

    1. It’s so mean turning horses out first thing in the morning with no rugs! But it’s baking in the sun by 11am and I can’t get back from work to take their rugs off then.

    2. My horse is sweating his guts out every time I ride him and his coat is soaking. It takes ages for him to dry off and it must be unpleasant for him. I really wish I’d made his last clip a full one rather than a blanket or trace. Is it too late to clip him out now? Will it ruin his summer coat?

    3. My horse is grey. He’s not going out without a rug and full neck cover until it’s warm enough to bath him.

    4. Is it warm enough to bath him?

    5. I’m worried the ground’s going to start getting hard! We’ll all be running on concrete by the end of March. I should pack some competitions in now while the conditions are still good. What can I enter?

    6. When can I start leaving my horse out at night? What if it gets chilly again? Will it be confusing for him to go out at night for a week and then come in again if we get a nasty cold spell?

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    7. I really hope the flies aren’t going to come out of hibernation early… where did I put that fly mask at the end of last summer?

    8. I’m riding in a T-shirt. In February! I’m so confused…

    9. Is my horse’s pink nose going to get sunburnt soon?

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