From time to time you have that moment when you spot someone completely out of context and can’t put a name to their face. It’s that teacher in the supermarket situation.

In an equestrian context, it may have happened to you on the hunting field — but with a horse rather than a rider. Some of our biggest equine heroes — from a double Badminton winner to a four-time Cheltenham World Hurdle winner — have taken to hunting in their retirement.

Equine superstars who’ve hunted in their retirement

1. Lenamore, eventing

Caroline Powell and Lenamore at the water jump.
The 21-year-old former eventer has been spotted out autumn hunting with the Warwickshire. “Everyone thought I was completely bonkers, but he was actually very well behaved,” said owner Lexi Jackson. “He loved it!”

2. Denman, racing

H&H Denman Cover Shoot - 11 November 2012
The 2008 Gold Cup winner has had a second lease of life hunting and team chasing under Charlotte Alexander. Denman had a life-threatening blood and bone infection in October 2012, but has since found a new career on the hunting field.

3. Supreme Rock, eventing

Supreme Rock1
Pippa Funnell’s double Badminton winner was still seen out with the Grafton at the age of 24. A visitor famously once told his owner Emma Pitt that she should “try eventing him”.

4. Big Buck’s, racing

Big Buck's
Andy Stewart’s four-time Cheltenham World Hurdle winner, who retired last season, was out autumn hunting with Lucy Tucker last month.

5. Little Tiger, eventing

Phoebe Buckley jumping a hedge near Wilson's covert
Phoebe Buckley’s 14.3hh Little Tiger spent her life after eventing hunting and team chasing, having been retired at the age of 16. The gutsy mare even came third in the Melton Hunt Ride in 2012.

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