Depending on your level of horsey geekiness, you may well feel confident you know how many four-star wins an eventer has had, or how many Horse of the Year Show tickets your favourite showing rider has already bagged this season.

But how about the stranger things in their lives? Are you up to speed on your horsey hero’s superstitions, favourite animals, previous careers or radio DJ of choice?

Put yourself to the test below…

Hint: the answer to all these questions can be found in recent issues of Horse & Hound magazine.

Horse & Hound quiz

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How did you score?

Zero to 40%: Oh dear. It’s time to get your head down and start swotting up on your latest issue of Horse & Hound. It’s all in the detail…

41% to 80%: Well done. You know enough to spout interesting facts to impress your horsey friends whenever there’s a dull moment.

81 to 100%: Congratulations, you really know your stuff. We’re delighted that you read the magazine from cover to cover every week, although you might want to get out a little more…