11 adorable hound puppy pictures to put a smile on your face

  • Is anything cuter than a hound puppy? No, not until their adventurous nature and curiosity leads them to dig up your garden and chew your slippers, as any puppy walker will know. But their happy faces and sweet dispositions mean we always forgive them. We’ve rounded up a selection of hound puppy pictures that can’t fail to put a smile on your face.

    1. A Four Shires Basset puppy admires a sweetpea flower

    2. All tired out — these Four Shires Basset puppies have had an exhausting day, by the looks of it

    3. Mable Ainsworth, nearly two, and a Belvoir hound puppy

    4. Two-year-old Annelies Murphy with some of the Co Limerick young hounds

    5. Ella Hillson, 10, with some new additions to the Cury kennels

    6. Three beagle puppies from the Dummer and two Ludlow foxhound puppies curl up for a snooze

    7. Eloise Little, 18 months, has been watching her father Michael (kennel-huntsman at the Heythrop) prepare the hounds for the show ring this summer and is doing a good job herself with the next generation!

    8. A Heythrop puppy enjoys an evening walk by the stream

    9. This Heythrop hound puppy has a slightly sheepish expression – what trouble has he been getting himself into?

    10. A Holcombe Harrier puppy makes friends with Walter Ashworth, nine months. Walter is the son of huntsman Steven Ashworth and loves to keep a close eye on hounds

    11. Time for tea – some Wynnstay puppies tuck into their grub

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