8 things that would happen on Bring Your Horse To Work Day…

  • Today (22 June) is Bring Your Dog To Work Day. Now, we at H&H are all in favour of friendly pooches (well-behaved canine companions are welcome to accompany their owners to work at H&H HQ), but we can’t help thinking Bring Your Horse To Work Day would be even more fun.

    Here are eight things we’d expect to happen on Bring Your Horse To Work Day…

    1. Temporary stables would have to be installed in the car park, while we’re sure the landowner wouldn’t mind if we knocked up a few grazing areas with electric fencing on their beautifully manicured lawns across the road, would they?
    2. Lunch break, coffee break and tea break would be replaced with riding break, hand grazing break and skipping out break.
    3. Breeches would be obligatory office wear and hat hair would be de rigeur.
    4. “My horse wouldn’t load,” would be an acceptable reason to arrive late. Similarly, “My horse has finished his hay and he’s getting bored,” would be an acceptable reason to leave early.
    5. It would be normal to find a few stray bits of hay, a couple of mane hairs, a spare tail bandage and a hoof pick on your desk. (I can think of a few H&H desks that currently look like this, Ed)
    6. Apple cores would no longer go in the bin after lunch and it would be vital to pop a few extra carrots in your packed lunch.
    7. Meeting your horse would be a great ice-breaker for new colleagues. We’ve always found that being slobbered on and having your foot stood on makes people feel so much more at home.
    8. If the boss gets angry or it all gets a bit too much, it would be time for a quick trip outside — a horse’s mane is ideal for sopping up a few tears.

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    In short, we’re not sure Bring Your Horse To Work Day would really be all that great for workplace productivity, but isn’t it all about work/life balance these days?

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