Who caught the eye at the Blaston Hound Show? PICTURES

The ever-popular Blaston Hound Show took place on 28 June in Blaston, Leicestershire.

With 18 packs taking part, nine in the modern foxhound classes and nine in the Old English, there was plenty to entertain the enthusiastic ringside audience.

In its 13th year, Blaston’s annual show has become a rehearsal for the major hound shows still to come. Sadly, with the outbreak of kennel cough in different parts of the country, some packs were unable to attend and will miss out on the forthcoming shows at both Harrogate and Peterborough.

The Fernie Hunt enjoyed success during the judging of the doghounds, taking the stallion hound class with Siren 11, who went on to take the overall doghound title.

The Kimblewick’s first visit to the show from their kennels in Buckinghamshire paid off when they enjoyed considerable success in the bitch hound classes. With joint-master and huntsman Gerald Sumner taking a family holiday, whipper-in Rob Truscott showed their hounds, ably assisted by hunt supporter and puppy walker Nyree Fitzgerald.

Kimblewick Snowdrop claimed the unentered bitch hound class before Kimblewick Boozie 14 & Nutmeg 14 took the prize for the best couple. Boozie then went on to be crowned the bitch champion with Snowdrop in reserve.

In the Old English classes, Hurworth Corporal 13, the stallion hound winner proceeded to take the doghound championship while the Pytchley enjoyed success when their unentered winner Plumpton who was awarded the bitch hound championship.

Bitch hound champion Kimblewick Boozie 14

Blaston Hound Show 28 06 2015

Judging the Old English doghounds with Blaston Church in the background

Blaston Hound Show 28 06 2015

A couple of the Brocklesby’s Old English hounds

Blaston Hound Show 28 06 2015

Judging the Old English hounds: H&H columnist John Holliday with Patrick Martin, former huntsman of the Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase

Blaston Hound Show 28 06 2015

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Old English bitch hound champion, the unentered winner Pytchley Plumpton

Blaston Hound Show 28 06 2015

Suffolk Starter, winner of the unentered doghound class in the modern foxhounds ring

Blaston Hound Show 28 06 2015

Bodmin 13 & Bogard 13, winners for the Croome & West Warwickshire in the doghound couples class

Blaston Hound Show 28 06 2015

Fernie Siren 11, overall doghound champion

Blaston Hound Show 28 06 2015


Judges Neil Coleman and Paul Larby assessing the doghounds

Blaston Hound Show 28 06 2015

For a full report please see report in Horse & Hound on 16 July 2015

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