7 challenges only male riders will understand

  • It’ll come as no surprise that 74% of British riders are women, according to figures from the British Horse Society — which means male riders can sometimes feel like they're living in a female world...

    1. You were the only boy at Pony Club camp…

    …which had its perks. You could usually find a girl willing to plait up for you. And when it came to the disco at the end of the week, you were in luck.

    2. The need for supportive underwear

    There’s no skirting round this one — it can be uncomfortable for men, bumping around on top of a horse. The reasons for this are obvious. Also, tight white or beige jods can be very revealing. Some say Y-fronts are the answer, others suggest cycling shorts. You’ll have to experiment and find out what works for you.

    3. Hairy legs

    And yes, we mean yours, not your horse’s. Ride in jodhpurs and you may discover that every single one of your leg hairs is individually plucked out or rubbed off.

    4. Your mates making jokes about your ‘girlie hobby’

    You don’t complain when they bore on about football and golf, so why do they think it’s OK to take the mick out of you? Although if they really think hurtling over hedges is ‘girlie,’ then maybe you should tack up for them and ask them to show you how it’s done…

    5. So much glitter everywhere

    Bright and sparkly is currently the order of the day when it comes to equestrian fashion. There’s nothing wrong with pink and a bit of bling — it’s just that when you’re in a hurry, and a Swarovski crystal-studded brow band is the only option available for your Irish hunter at your local tack shop, it possibly doesn’t give him (or you) quite the air of gravitas you’re looking for.

    6. The cost! Why aren’t there any cheap ‘n’ cheerful ranges of breeches and boots for fellas?

    Women are spoilt for choice when it comes to denim jods and funky gilets, but two-tone breeches and budget equestrian ranges don’t seem to be available for men. And if you’re slightly taller or bigger than most men, good luck with finding anything that fits at all.

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    7. Knowing too much about women

    Your pals may be completely baffled about why they’re in the doghouse with the missus over something so trivial as getting back home two hours late from the pub — but you know, don’t you? Being around women all the time, you have a rare insight into the workings of the female mind. You could tell your mate Steve the reason why his girlfriend is giving him the cold shoulder, you just choose not to, out of male solidarity or something. Sometimes, you think you know too much. It’s a blessing and a curse…

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