16 unexpected uses for horse products

  • Do you own a pampered horse with a well-stocked grooming kit? Without knowing it, your horse’s lotions and potions could be just useful to yourself as your equine.

    From Mane ‘N Tail shampoo, to rubber matting and vet wrap, discover 16 surprising uses for equine products:

    1. Mane ‘N Tail: This horse shampoo and conditioner is used by equestrians and humans alike and is even popular among celebrities — Jennifer Aniston has been championing these products for years. Move over L’Oreal…

    2. Polo bandages: Planning to ride but forgotten your gaiters or chaps? Panic not, a pair of polo bandages can provide a handy substitute. Wrap the bandages around your calves to keep you legs supported when in the saddle.

    3. Saddle soap: Put this horsey essential to further use by applying it to leather products outside the tack room. Apparently it can work wonders on buffing up leather gloves, bags and shoes.

    4. Rubber matting: Left over cuts of rubber matting can provide an ideal slip-proof mat to stop you slipping over in the shower, plus it keeps your feet warm too.

    5. MagicBrush: This popular brush provides a speedy remedy for tangled tresses as well as keeping the horse’s coat in good condition — perfect for the morning rush between the yard and work when your hair is in a mess.

    6. Fillet stings: Probably best when brand new rather than covered in muck, but fillet strings can provide handy curtain ties.

    7. Old rugs/travel boots: When the winter chill sets in, worn out rugs tied around taps can help prevent water freezing. Old travel boots can also be attached along pipes to provide insulation.

    8. Vet wrap: Supposedly, this sticky bandaging can be used as an alternative to body tape when wearing a strapless top or dress.

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    Ever owned a grey?

    9. Fluorescent tabard: ‘Be seen, be safe’ is relevant to all road users and not just equestrians. Donning your tabard when riding a bike or walking on roads at dusk is a safer option and means you don’t have to fork out on extra gear.

    10. Sweat scraper: If you’re out driving in freezing conditions and without an ice scraper, your horse’s sweat scraper can do the job just as well.

    11. Bales of shavings/straw: Often in pet shops tiny bags of bedding are charged at extortionate prices. To save money, horse owners who also keep small animals can share their equine’s bedding with other pets for a fraction of the price.

    12. Empty feedbags: Plastic bags for feed and bedding can be recycled as bin liners, which are far stronger than the usual black bags.

    13. Tail bandages: If your joints are aching but you are without knee support, a tail bandage can provide a handy alternative.

    14. Hoof pick: Gardening enthusiasts will find a hoof pick a helpful tool for weeding between stones.

    15. Horse hair: If you’ve recently trimmed your horse’s tail or pulled a lengthy mane, put the wasted hair to good use by making it into a horse hair bracelet. H&H’s equine blogger Hovis has had experience of these bracelets himself.

    16. Fly spray: Who hasn’t wafted themselves with their horse’s fly spray when being pestered by insects in the summer?

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