14 horses having a worse day than you

  • Flat tyre? Late for work? Milk gone off? You may be thinking you’re having a terrible day, but these long-suffering horses and ponies have certainly got it worse…

    1. Like poor Skippy who did not ask to be dressed as Mr Darcy — he doesn’t even like Christmas.


    2. And this unlucky chap was a tad overambitious when he tackled a five-bar gate (thankfully help was at hand and he was winched to safety unscathed).

    3. But what about Scrumpy who is left to do all the mucking out for himself?

    4. Or poor old Hovis, who came down with a nasty bout of man flu and was given no sympathy by his mother. Look at that sad face.













    5. Tamsin is fed up with food getting stuck in her moustache — the novelty factor of facial hair is wearing off now Movember’s been and gone.



    6. And this pony never imagined he would have to put up with a four-legged jockey on his back.

    Why's Scrumpy Grumpy (@ScrumpysGrumpy) | Twitter 2014-12-19 15-42-11 copy
    7. Jack does not appreciate being used as a coat stand, even if the blue does set off his chestnut colouring nicely.


    8. Tiny Spartacus had a disastrous day out in the summer — his eventer owner was given a yellow card after the 7hh miniature pony escaped in a ‘reign of terror’.


    9. This pony can barely see past his glasses to check out his fluoro get-up — at least he won’t be ignored.

    Why's Scrumpy Grumpy (@ScrumpysGrumpy) | Twitter 2014-12-19 15-41-13 copy

    10. There is nothing more frustrating than tasty treats that are just out of reach…


    11. …Or a dodgy haircut. How long will it take for this clip to grow out?



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    12. This Shetland feels that something’s weighing down on him.


    13. How embarrassing to be seen in public wearing your pyjamas…


    14. …Or feel like everyone is watching you.

    Why's Scrumpy Grumpy (@ScrumpysGrumpy) | Twitter 2014-12-19 16-46-34 copy


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