“Victor Meldrew” spotted at horse trial

  • Spotted enjoying a “wonderful day out” at the Mentor Corporation Longleat Horse Trials last weekend was actor Richard Wilson, (also known as One Foot In The Grave’s Victor Meldrew).

    Richard and his actress friend Dinah Scabb own a horse ridden by Darrell Scaife of Easterton Sands, Devizes.

    Their horse Toby was bred at Jane Holderness Roddam’s stud at West Kington, where Richard and Dinah first met Darrell four years ago.

    “I shared a horse which Darrell competed and has just been sold,” explained Richard. “Darrell is now going to train our young horse Toby and we came to Longleat to support him, although our horse is not here. We think Darrell is very talented,” said Richard.

    Although Richard has been riding for 10 years, he says he is no expert.

    Although he has no ambitions to compete himself – “I just hack out” – Richard revealed that he has high hopes to see his horse compete at Badminton Horse Trials.

    “Eventing is so exciting, it is a great mix. To win at Badminton would be wonderful,” he said.

    But what would Victor make of it all? “He’s dead!” replied Richard.

    Darrell, who also rides for former British team member and course designer Sue Benson, is unphased about his celebrity owner and reveals that he has never seen Meldrew characteristics. “I never see the Victor Meldrew, only Richard Wilson, who is terribly good company, amusing but who also has a serious side, ” says Darrell. “Richardis just so involved and has a great love and interest in horses. “I am always amazed at the number of people who scream ‘I don’t believe it’ and he is so good humoured about it. I think I would get fed up,” says Darrell.

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